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Today’s catch, trolling from the dingy.

The small one is a bonito, and the top one is a skipjack.  We think.  Both are tuna, but they have completely different meat.

Phil Wahoo
This is a small Wahoo.  A big Wahoo is bigger than the fisherman.

Big Whale 2
This is a very big whale.  Over 50′, and this picture was taken with the camera on wide angle.  She was very close to the boat and had a calf with her.

Cattle Egret
Maybe a cattle or snowy Egret.

Cow Rays Close
Look closer.  This is a flock of cow or bat rays (Pender says Bat).  We thought it was a shallow spot in 300′ of water.

Fish Boil Don Juan
Earlier this month, up north, this happened every night at dusk.  The shoreline would boil with small fish and the birds would feast.  We figured it was a spawn of some type.  Mayhem.

Pelican and hover Pelican Sideeye
These pictures need to be on the internet.  They should be memes or something.  Have at it.

Pelicans are the most ridiculous and graceful of all birds.  If you look ridiculous you should learn how to fly.

Beach Crab
Beach crab.  Speedy Gonzales was actually a beach crab.  He was drawn incorrectly.