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Bright Water San Carlos
This is Bright Water anchored in San Carlos, Mexico.  This picture still makes no sense to me, and I took it.  Wow.

But Baja feels pretty familiar, similar to where I grew up in Northern New Mexico.

Sandstone Cave
For instance, this cave is etched from uplifted sandstone, with fossilized clam shells in the rock.  There is old beach with un-fossilized shells above the stone formation.

Sandstone Cave porn
You can tell it’s a proper cave because, just like in the canyons at home, there’s a porn magazine in the back.

Basalt Flow
There’s lots of evidence of volcanos and lava flow.

Basalt Flow Close
I’ll bet this was a pretty exciting place to be not too long ago, geologic-time-wise.

Beach Cave
We see this a lot.  The splashing erodes the roof of the cave, leaving it sharp when the bits fall out (and get washed away).

Fault Slip Line
It’s not my fault it slipped.

Granite Weathering
My geologist son calls this Grus.  The salt spray infiltrates the granite as a liquid.  When it dries, the salt crystals spall the rock to dust.  Very cool.  Not seen in New Mexico.

We hiked pretty far to see this cave on a huge island in the northern sea.

There was a metate out front.  Not terribly uncommon in New Mexico.  It was a recently used metate, which is less common.

Javelina Holes
Are these Javelina holes?  Dunno.

Turtle Eggs

These turtle eggs didn’t make it, we think.  Javelinas again?