Here are some “stitched-together” wide shots of some of the nicer vistas we’ve found in Baja.  We’ve made the files smaller to save bandwidth, so if the pictures are too coarse let me know and I’ll up the DPI a little.

Let me know if you want the full-size file to make wallpaper for a new restaurant or nightclub you’re opening or something.

If there is a person in the picture, that person is Nancy.  Duh.

As always, click on the picture to embiggen.  That means make it more bigger.

Marina Seca Guaymas Pan
Marina Seca Guaymas from the top of the mast.

Monument Bay Pan
Monument Bay on the south end of Isla Tiburon.

Bahia Perros Pan 1
Bahia Los Perros on the SE corner of Isla Tiburon.

Punta Soldado Pan
Nancy at Punta El Soldado.

San Francisquito Pan2
The arroyo above Bahia San Francisquito.

San Francisquito Pan1
Bahia San Francisquito.

Caleta San Juanico Pan
Caleta San Juanico.

Coronados Nature Trail
Isla Coronados Nature Trail (Loreto).

Coronados SE Beach Pan Tall
SE Anchorage, Isla Coronados.