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So last week we were anchored out here on the south side of Isla Coronados waiting for the “Norther” to stop blowing 25-30.  This is a normal “Winter in Baja” activity.  Nancy and I went hiking up a wild arroyo (pictures soon).  When we got back to the dingy we saw three fisherman walking their panga (a 24′ open boat) up the beach.  The “beach,” in this case, was three miles of bowling-ball sized/shaped rocks.  They had two more miles of beach, then ten miles of open water, to get back to Loreto.

“No Bueno?” I asked, pointing at the motor.

“No Gasolina,” the guy in the boat said, lifting up the poly water jug they use for a fuel tank.

“Yo tengo dos gallons gasoline, pero no aciete,” I said.  The interesting thing about that sentence is that aciete is the only legitimate Spanish word.  It means oil, like in 2-stroke outboard oil.  Well, they had some of that.

So Nancy and I ran out to Bright Water in the dingy and came back with 2 1/2 gallons of gas.  Before he took his container back, he handed Nancy a black plastic bag.  She tried to decline but eventually took it.

We didn’t open the bag until we got back to the boat, but were nicely surprised to find 18 langosta tails.  Not huge, but still.  Three per meal, so six very nice meals for a few bucks worth of gas.  I hope it was enough to get them back to town.

Cut them in half, clean out the “vein,” cook in a little garlic butter, and…

We’re living large, Bright Water style.  That’s fresh broccoli with cheese on the side, and the last of the white wine.  Tasty.