Loreto has a little tiny harbor.  It was probably built for the cruise-ship trade, but it’s just a square breakwater on a long, long beach.  It’s probably 300′ on a side, and lined on the inside with tourist-trip and professional-fishing pangas.

There are usually locals fishing off the breakwater, and usually they catch the tiny, poor-tasting fish people usually catch when they fish off breakwaters.

Not this guy.

He fished inside the breakwater with a series of bare hooks.  When he snagged a mullet (or something), he reeled it in, changed his end tackle, stuck a great big hook through the back of his new live bait, and cast it out outside the breakwater.

The pelicans and boobies immediately started dive-bombing his bait, but he reeled it back in quickly and got a hit fifteen feet off the breakwater.

Thirty seconds or a minute later he had this monster on the beach.  The whole process took maybe two minutes.