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It was cold and windy so we decided to explore the dirt part of Baja.

The first thing you need to walk around Baja is a stick.  You wave it around in front of you like an idiot.

Otherwise you walk into one of these huge face-eating spiders.  The spiders are pretty easy to see, but you’re busy looking for scorpions and rattlesnakes and tarantulas so it’s easy to overlook the spiders.

After climbing over a difficult section of beach, we found this huge arroyo just past the dunes.

This is about a fifth of it.  Huge.

You can see the old coral reef just under the now dirt and shrubbery.  Water has eroded the old sea-bed under the coral.

It’s difficult to get a feel for the scale.  Obviously, this part of Baja was only a tropical coral sea for a short time – just long enough to grow one thin layer of coral.

The layer under the coral has shells very similar to modern Baja.  It’s like the local climate was cool, then warm, then cool again.  Weird.  It’s possible that cold ocean currents were cut off, then re-instated again. Dunno.

Big shells in places, just like the modern Chocolates.

Coronados Nature Trail
It turned out to be a pretty day.  We never saw any bugs but were covered with bites when we got back.  Now we know.  DEET, baby.  That’s the key.