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We took a little dingy ride up the east coast of Isla Coronados and found another colony of California Sea Lions.

Mostly females and young males, with plenty of adolescent bulls practicing their blorting, wrestling and fighting skills.

Several babies were well-hidden in the groupings.

This one was so pretty.  Don’t you agree?


There was a huge school of tuna swimming in shallow water less than 50′ away from the Sea Lions.  Either some sort of weird symbiosis or a death wish.  Dunno.

While I was watching the fish one of the big boys swam right under the boat.  That woke me up a little.

This group was happy to float just off-shore with their solar collectors deployed.  Totally not interested in us or our dingy.

When we drifted downwind the smell of processed fish and AXE body spray was overwhelming.

Since then the wind came up.  20-30 kts. for three days.  The waves you see on the horizon are somewhere between two and three miles away.  Big big big.

The swells are wrapping all the way around the point and breaking on the south shore of the island for it’s entire length.  Not too big, but impressive none-the-less.  Wave refraction is pretty interesting in theory.  When you’re sitting in the middle of it it’s just annoying.

The wind is down to 15 kts. for the next few days.  We’ll probably head south tomorrow.  No internet until we get to La Paz just before Christmas.