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Isla San Francisco shows up in a lot of nature photography places.

Perhaps it’s because of shots like these of the west bay.  That’s Bright Water in the middle.  Yes, we do have the place to ourselves.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a great place to meet friends, like the Aussie Crew of Sonrisa, to have a hike along the ridge.  By the way, Nick is carrying a bag of grass to feed the boy’s guinea pigs.  On their boat.  Guinea pigs.  Boat.  Yup.

San Francisco East Full Pan
This is the East Bay, one end of the southern ridge trail.

This is the part of the ridge trail where it’s safe to stop and take a picture.

We hiked the ridge on a very windy day.  There were a lot of boats in the anchorage, hiding from the chop and messy seas.  Compare this to the first picture, taken three days later.

A hike like this can be exhausting.  It’s important to rest up afterwards.

A few days later, the wind died down a little and everyone left but us.  Nancy and I climbed the hills on the north side of the island.

These apricot-sized fruit were laying on the ground.  No idea.

We found this Osprey nest.  They didn’t like us looking down at them.

In fact, they were pretty spooked.

They were much more comfortable with us on the beach.

San Francisco West 360
Isla San Francisco is kind of a pretty place.  Don’t tell anyone about it.

Sierra de la  Gigantas from San Francisco
This are the Sierra de la Gigantas on mainland Baja as we left the island.  They were kind of pretty, too.