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The winds called a truce so we loaded up the dingy and headed up the estuary. Putt-putt.

Soon after we left the anchorage we saw a now-familiar shape in the water ahead of us.  Putt-putt.

He was entirely non-perturbed.  Putt-putt.

Our dingy is 8.5 feet long, so this dolphin is, umm, 8.5 feet long.  Putt-putt.

You know a dolphin is taking his sweet time when we pass him.  Putt-putt.

Lots of Sea Birds like this cormorant catching a little sun.  Our camera lens is full of dust and dirt on the inside.  Can you tell?  Guess what Santa is bringing us for Christmas?

El Mogote Wrecks
There were several spots where they’d hauled derelicts to die.  Most of them were ferro-cement like the boat on the left.  These are home-made boats from the seventies.  They’re basically swimming pools with the water on the outside.  There are several of them still floating, with people inside, in the anchorage here.  I don’t think any of these still go to sea.