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So we were just sitting in the boat, which is pretty much just a big piece of Tupperware floating in the bay, and WHAM!  It sounded like someone threw a football at the boat.  Someone that really knows how to throw a football.

The sardines are here in the bay, presumably to spawn, and they hide underneath the boats in huge dense schools.  What are they hiding from?

Pelicans.  The bag-mouthed predators cruise the anchorage at about thirty feet ASL, pick their targets, and plunge.  Occasionally they misjudge their approach and bounce off the hull.  The boobies dive from much higher, hit harder, and dive deeper, but they don’t weigh as much (by far).  One boobie committed suicide on the corner of our neighbor’s solar panel.

We’ve spent several days trying to get a picture of the pelicans hitting our boat.  It’s a pretty cool thing to see a huge bird crash right outside the window.  It happens about ten times a day.