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There is a major brand here in the supermarkets called BIMBO, which is great. Another major brand is FUD, which is even better.

1,2,3 Beans and Rice starter:

Two cups dried beans (Pinto or Black). Cover with water and soak overnight. Drain.
Wash One cup rice and add to beans.
Add three cups water and cook in thermal cooker ( Thermal Cooker ). Boil for five minutes then put in thermos. You can also, I’m thinking, use a rice cooker.

Refrigerate in individual serving-sized containers.

Use as a side dish or as a base for an infinite number of elegant meals and snacks. Add small amounts of cooked/canned meat, canned mixed vegetables, diced green chili, or alone with grated cheese and sour cream to make a main dish. It’s also the perfect burrito filler.

At some point in the process you will need to add salt. Lots and lots of salt. Cumin and chili powder will also do you no harm.