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We’re sitting in Playa Pichilingue with some cell coverage, good internet, and the playoff games on the TV in good old-fashioned snowy analog with Spanish commentary.

We’ve fueled up and checked out and are making for Magdalena Bay on the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Baja, California.  Grey Whales come from Alaska, Canada, and Puget Sound to have their calves there, and apparently they’re so pumped on oxytocin that they just love everyone and everyboat and they just want to show off their new babies.  We’ll see.

From Mag Bay, we’ll head south to the Puerto Vallarta area.  We may leave in a day or two, or maybe in a month or two.  Plans are vague.  We may or may not have internet or cell in Mag Bay, but we always have the Iridium phone if you need to get in touch.

We may show up on www.marinetraffic.com during the next little while.  If we don’t, don’t panic.  It’s just Mexico.

Adios, amigos.