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We were in La Paz for a long time.  Part of that time we worked.

Nancy did some stitching and sewing, and I did some writing.

We replaced the zippers on our Bimini and Bimini windows.  We were surprised and happy to be able to buy the proper YKK zippers in La Paz for only a little more than their price in the USA.

This is not a horrible job if you have basting tape, and we had basting tape.  Our solar-powered sewing machine worked great.

It’s pretty weird how new zippers make the whole Bimini look new.  Maybe it’s because the old zippers were Bay Area mildewy.

We fully provisioned the boat for the next two months.  It took eight dingy trips to town. More accurately, it took eight backpack and bag loads back to the dingy from the grocery store (about two miles). We provisioned based on our usage for the last two months.  For example, (for the next two months) 6kg total of fresh beef, chicken and pork + 6 pkg. lunch meat + 1 kg packaged/cooked meat; 100 eggs; 3# butter; 5# cheese; 10l non-refer milk; 18 pints non-refer crème (Media Creme); 50 cans of vegetables; 6 doz. flour tortillas + 6 doz. corn tortillas; 24 small bags potato chips + 16 bags corn chips.  We won’t discuss the booze, but we brought 80 limons onboard.

This is our “always-on” GPS with the track of our behavior at anchor.  North is up, the prevailing wind is from the north, and the tidal river flows left and right.  It drew an anchor.  Cool, huh?

One last thing:
P1000107 P1000112
This is a Wally Power 118.  Triple turbine-jets.  It looks sillier in person than on the web:   http://www.newsliguria.com/mega-yacht/wally-power-foto/2685 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/118_WallyPower.  60 kts.  Good for it.