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We’re anchored in Bahia los Frailes, about two-thirds of the way to Cabo and one-third the way or so to Magdalena Bay.  Good internet here.

We motored all day yesterday and spent the night in Ensenada los Muertos.  On the way down it was apparent that something was not right with our bottom.  We were about 1 knot slower than we should have been.  So, despite the 68 degree water and our philosophical objection to wetsuits, into the water we went.

Apparently La Paz had grown on our propeller, right on top of the expensive “PropSpeed” coating.  Perhaps the eight months out of the water wrecked it, perhaps it only lasts 1 year, perhaps La Paz is just too fecund to deal with.

Several minutes with a putty knife cleaned(ish) it right up(ish).  We need to go back and polish it when we feel a little warmer.  There were also a very few barnacles and one sea squirt growing on the hull.  Overall the bottom paint is in good shape.  Nancy did most of the work on the prop.  We won’t be showing you her pictures.

Today the boat was up to speed so the prop cleaning was adequate.  All day we watched 4′-6′ Manta Rays jump high into the air.  Pictures?  Here’s your picture:

Manta Jump
It’s not easy getting pictures of an airborne Manta Ray.

Here’s your close-up.

Rays were jumping everywhere.

P1000153 (2)
Nancy took a picture of this cool red house.  But what’s all that splashing in the foreground?

Looks like airborne Cow Rays.

Mexicans are not afraid of color.  Good for them.

Later in the day a 6′ Marlin bit at our lure.  Luckily the hook was way too small to, ummm, hook.  So we went our separate ways.

This is his picture.  Get over it, this is a fish story anyway.