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Well, here we are.  We’ve actually been here since Saturday early morning.  Contact with touristas in La Paz and Cabo had the predictable effect and Nancy and I are just getting over our colds.

Our passage weather was perfect.  Almost no wind for most of the time as we motored north.

Then I got to reel in a pretty good dorado.
Happy happy.  Nancy also caught a smaller dorado and a Cero, which is very tasty.

This is my “We’re motoring north up Baja and it’s not windy and the sun is out” face.

We anchored at 9:15 AM after motoring and motor-sailing all night.  Motor-sailing is when you put up enough sail to stabilize the rolling of the boat but continue to run the motor.  After a short nap we went to the beach.

We finally found a turtle head.  It must have been pretty freshly dead.

Another Mexican Chest Freezer.

This crab made a shy face while it was molting and it got stuck like that.

Mag Bay
You can see our old path from 2012 southbound, and our new track coming in from the south, anchoring near Belcher Point, then raising anchor this morning to see the Port Captain in Bahia Magdalena (there is no longer a Port Captain in Bahia Magdalena), and then motoring way, way up into the shallows to try and find a quiet anchoring spot for the next few whiles.  We’re anchored in 10 feet of water, 1/2 mile offshore, at 24 43.8N, 112 00.6W.   Type the lat/long into Bing or Google and you should get a pretty picture.  Nobody here but us and the entire Mexican fishing fleet.