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We woke up Sunday morning and found it wasn’t windy, so we went to see the whales.  Gray Whales come to Bahia Magdalena to have their babies, and somehow the whales have decided that people need to be involved.

We just motored our little dingy 3 miles into the middle of the blow-clouds, shut off the 2-horse Honda, and waited.  There were roughly 20 whales around us.

This momma and baby swam by about thirty feet away.  Very cool.

We were there early, so there weren’t many tourists.   Just us and the panga Chugy and a film crew.  I don’t know if they were filming a documentary or a movie, or what, but it was pretty incredible to watch this guy wave his arms and whistle and yell “Venga-venga” or “Arriba-arriba” and the whales would swim right up to his boat.  They’d push his boat and roll on their backs and wallow around like puppies.

(Edit:  The guy’s name is Crispin, apparently.  Here’s his site:  http://magdalenabaywhales.com/whoweare.html)

We tried to give Crispin some room, even when his whales swam right up to us and got us in the shot.  But his success drew a crowd.

Pretty soon things quieted down and we started to leave.  Then we saw a momma headed for us.  We shut down the motor and waited.

If you look carefully at this picture you can see her wake as she headed our way, then lifted her head slightly, then…

…dove to go directly underneath us.  Our dingy is 8.5 feet long, so her tail is about 12-15 feet wide.  Bigbigbig.

We went home happy.  Hopefully we’ll have more great days with the whales later when the winds die down again.

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