P1010313 (2)
We covered a lot of ground in Bahia de Magdalena.

We saw a lot of whales, and a few saw us.

We even saw some authentic Mexican refer.

But it was time to move on. No, I don’t know why.

This whale didn’t get the memo.  There are 29 pictures. I won’t use them all.

We saw her/she saw us way, way off.  She started swimming straight towards us.

P1010328 (2)
When we didn’t turn or stop (because we were leaving, you know), she turned right and let us go by.

As we passed, she looped around and started swimming along with us.

P1010343 (2)
But she knew we had places to go.

So we said goodbye and moved on.

Just outside the bay, a few mer-peeps stopped by to swim with us for 20 minutes or so.  Here are eight of them.