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Tenecatita is a simple bay on the Mexican Pacific Coast. Somehow it has acquired a government – for the last thirty years there has been a mayor of Tenecatita. For the last ten years, Robert from Harmony has held that esteemed title.

One of the Mayor’s duties is to host a dinghy raft-up on Friday evenings.

Tenacatita Raft Assembling
By the end of the evening we had approximately 25 dinghies tied in a mathematically pure but physically tangled circle.

We were each asked to tell the stories of how we came to be in this place. Food was passed. And then there was singing.

Original music on the ukulele,

and a little Paul Simon on the travel guitar. Singers and instruments were fantastic.

Finally a “Momma Don’t Allow” sing-along, then great conversation until it was dark dark.

Robert and his wife Virginia were two of the original founders of “The Farm,” an early seventies (but on-going) experiment in communal (now cooperative) living.  There’s a great book about it: http://www.amazon.com/Voices-The-Farm-Second-Edition/dp/1570672881.

In addition, Virginia has written and published a book about their personal story (http://www.amazon.com/Harmony-High-Seas-Becomes-Matey/dp/0964724723), and they give talks at several yachting events in North America during the summer.  If you go see them, and you should, remember to tell them that Bright Water says hello.