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So. We were anchored in Bahia Magdalena, done watching whales, getting ready to head south.

A smallish boat, crewed by a fresh-faced young couple, sailed into the bay and anchored a decent way upwind of us.  Their dingy was lashed down on the foredeck, so we called them on the radio, invited them over for Margaritas, and offered to come pick them up.  They accepted.

I went and got Andrew and Diana and brought them back to Bright Water.  Since Magdalena Bay is a common stopping point on the way up or down the coast, but nobody but us comes to visit, I asked them if they were northbound or southbound. “Northbound,” they said.  What a shame. They’d visited Mexico and it wasn’t working out, so they were headed home.  Bummer.

“No,” they said, “we came down three years ago from Seattle, then did the Pacific Puddle Jump, and now we’re back.”

Cool.  The Pacific Puddle Jump is the trip from Mexico to the Marquesas in the French Islands. So they sailed the Pacific loop.

But that didn’t make any sense. “So why are you here?” I asked. “After you went from the South Pacific to Hawaii, why didn’t you go from Hawaii straight to Seattle?”

“We just kept heading west,” Andrew said.

“Yeah, sure, fine,” I said, “but why didn’t you go straight to Seattle from Hawaii?”

They just looked at me. “We just kept heading west,” Andrew repeated.

Friends, please meet Andrew and Diana, the nicest and most humble circumnavigators you will ever meet: