The discussion question for last night’s Tenecatita Mayor’s Raft-Up was “What has surprised you the most about cruising?”

Well, the question surprised me, and I mumbled something about how “we’ve been doing it for many months over lots of years and we still didn’t know why.” Lame. However, there were some interesting responses.

A few people were surprised that there are so few people out doing this. Good point. It’s not that hard, it’s cheaper than any other lifestyle we know of, the anchorages aren’t crowded, and it has a certain glamor. After our Caribbean trip, a friend explained to me that neither our book or our video would become a best-seller. “You guys are pretty unusual,” he said. He has been proven correct.

Another boater mentioned that she was surprised that so few family and friends came to visit. We looked like a convention of bobble-head dolls. Everyone understood the valid reasons (expense, security concerns, on-going life issues), but there was almost uniform agreement that everyone was surprised that they don’t have more visitors.

Not everyone agreed with us that they miss family and friends from home, and how inadequate internet is for maintaining those connections.  In fact, a few people claimed isolation as their favorite part of cruising.

On the positive side, several commented on how easy it was to provision and find supplies, and how easily help is found within the cruising community.

A few cruisers commented on the opportunity for easy travel to inland Mexico, and were surprised that more boaters don’t periodically park their boats and go explore.

Of course, the number of quickly formed but lasting friendships was a pleasant surprise for many cruisers. Nancy strongly agreed with this one.