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We’ve had several complaints that our Boat Tech posts are too dull.  In addition, we’ve had an email inquiry involving the difficulty of obtaining certain items.

We’ll deal with the last thing first.  Mexicans poop.  Toilet paper is widely available here. However, we do try to buy imported American toilet paper. Mexican paper is closer to thin paper towels cut and rolled to fit in the sanitary holder, because in Mexico, you don’t flush the paper.  You throw it out with the trash.  The tougher Mexican paper tends to foul and plug our ultra-sophisticated poop management system.

We wash ourselves and our clothes with fresh water, so we use standard soap, shampoo, and clothes wash.  However, our allergist was clear that we should use soap, not detergents, as detergents are made from fungal sources and can cause allergic reactions, especially if the rinsing is not as complete as you may wish because you’re trying to conserve fresh water. We avoid fragranced products for the same reason, plus they stink.

UHT means Ultra High Temperature processing.  This stuff should be more available in the states.  Very long non-refrigerated shelf life, in soft packs, for meat, milk, etc.  Great stuff.

Media Crème is a Mexican staple.  It is roughly a half-and-half punched up with a little carrageenan thickener.  You can whip it into crème, add the juice of a limon to make sour cream, or use it as-is in gravies and sauces.

We buy unrefrigerated eggs and keep them unrefrigerated, rotating them weekly.  No spoiled eggs yet.

We buy Tillamok cheddar whenever we find it, which is not often.  Mexican cheeses are very mild.

We have a great freezer.

Sunscreen and grooming supplies are not included on this list.  Your mileage will vary.  We don’t wear a lot of sunscreen, but we have a bunch on the boat.  The chapstick things (esp. Bullfrog) are great.  Also, we have lots of DEET-filled bug spray.

Most of this stuff stores in lockers under the saloon floor.

The canned goods locker is especially spiffy.

All the cans get their contents written on the top, and a selection is staged in an easily-reached drawer.

8 Week Provisioning (Stocking) List

Meat (Freeze):
Beef sliced; 3kg
Pork; 1kg
Chicken; 12 thighs
Lunch meat; 6 pkg

Butter; 12stk
Cheese; ched 3#
Cheese; motz 1#
Cheese; goat 1#
Eggs; 120
Cream Cheese; 5 pkg.
Media Cream UHT 250 ml; 18
Milk UHT; 10 l
Evap Milk; UHT 6
Conds Milk Cans; 4

Bottled and Canned:
Tuna; 8
Chicken; 8
Beef; 3
Beef, UHT; 500g
Pork, UHT; 500g
Spam; 4
Cooking Oil 700ml; 3
Coffee; 3#
peanut butter; 1
soy sauce; 2
Salsa (200g Cans); 12
Syrup; 1
Blk Beans; 10
Corn (Elote) 200g; 10
Mixed Veg exp. Corn 200g; 30
Fruit 500g; 8
Refried Beans; 4
Soup; 8
Tomato Sauce 200g; 2
Tomato, diced 200g; 2
Pumpkin Pie Filling; 2
Beer 12pk; Some
Wine White; 5
Wine Red; 2
Tequilla ltr; An adequate amount.

Garlic; 4
Large Ginger Root; 1
Limons; 90 (5 wks)
Cucumbers; 3
Zucchini; 6
Potatoes; 20
Apples; 10
Celery; 1big
Cabbage; 1
Bread; 3 (3 wks)
Tortilla:corn; 9 doz
Tortilla:flour; 6 doz
Tamales (Freeze); 1 doz.

Flour; 2#
Sugar; 2#
B. Sugar; 3#
Bisquick; 1 box
Corn Meal; 1 box
Oatmeal, Inst.; 3 Pkgs
Cereal; 2 boxes
Granola; 4 bags
Rice; 10#
Blk. Beans; 4#
Corn Starch; 1#
Baking Powder; 1 box
Baking Soda; 1 box
Pasta; 8 sm bags
Chips: potato 170g; 24
Chips: corn 28  0g; 16
Cookie/snacks; 120 Servings
Chocolate bars; 8
Crackers; 4 boxes
Maria’s Crackers; 6 tubes
Nuts; 10x300g
Raisins; 10x100g
Dried Fruit; 2x100g
Jam; 2 Jars
Honey; 1 Jar
Chocolate Chips; 2 bags
Hershey’s Cocoa Powder; 1
Tapioca Powder; 1 box
Hershey’s Syrup; 1
Nori; 2 doz
Dried Mashed Potatoes; 2 bags

Wasabi (dried or tube)
Pickled Ginger
Red chili powder
Rice Vinegar
Mayo; 2
Ranch Dressing

Window Cleaner; 1 bottle
White Vinegar; 1 gal
Paper Towels; 18
Toilet Paper; 16 Rolls
ziplok: qt; 50
ziplok: gal; 40
ziplok: 2gal; 20
Bleach; 1 gal
Dishsoap; 1 bottle
Garbage Bags; 16 13gal
Laundry Soap Baby or HE; 1 bottle
Plastic Wrap; 1 big box
Aluminum Foil; 1 big box
Wax Paper; 1 big box
Kleenex, small box; 8
Liquid hand soap refill; 1
Body Wash; 1
Shampoo; 1