We met a boater on the docks that thought that the art on the Puerto Vallarta malecon (breakwater) was better than the La Paz malecon art. I disagreed, but think it’s a close race. See if you agree. Remember to click on the pic to make bigger.

These are easily the most magnificent 8′ tall Iron Sea Urchins in the world. Todos al Mundial.  No question.

There was a little plaza with these bronze figures/seats.  Wild.  Zoom in for the full effect.  The details are the issue.  Look at the feet.  LOOK AT THE FEET!

The head is an octopus.  Get it?  Me neither.  But I love it.

This boy is riding a sea horse.

Neptune to Aztec Basketball Player to Hippy Chick with Dove.  Dunno.  But look at the scale and the execution.  Stunning.

My favorite.  He’s an eggplant, and he’s eating an eggplant!  Get it?

There’s a fantastic church in old PV.  It’s got some structural problems, and I’m not a fan of magnificent churches, but something is very right about the “community” of Mexico.  My guess is that these guys have something to do with it.

Street Art:  probably pretty aggressive language (I have no idea), but WOW!

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P1020343 P1020342