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A plumeria flower fell off this tree and…

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…stuck in Nancy’s head.  If Mexico had a working justice system, we could sue somebody.  Identifying damages may be a problem.

These are apparently what washed up on our deck the other night.  Weird little crawdads.

(Paraphrased from the original Spanglish): We were checking out of Walmart.  The four guys ahead of us had five full carts.  Full.  “Going fishing?” I asked.  The young guy closest to me said “yes, this is our Captain. I’m the cook.”. Old guy nods his head.  “How long are you going to be out?” “Eight weeks!” says young guy.  Cap’n hold up three fingers. “How many people are going?” Young guy thinks for a while “twenty or twenty-four.” Captain says “14.” “Big Game fishing?” I ask.  “Diving and snorkeling and fun,” says the Captain. “All they really do is eat,” says the young guy. “Eat and (poop).” Captain giggles.  “Well,” I said, “better to be the cook than the guy that fixes the heads.” Captain cracks up. Young guy is still giggling while we check out.

There are iguanas in the PV marina.

Next time you want more workplace safety laws, ask yourself: Does my town have a flying cow bar?  And if I get drunk enough, can I swing on a swing next to the flying cow? Then go home and think about personal liberty and personal responsibility and missed opportunities.  My favorite part is the seat belt ties on the swing.

There is a huge problem in Mexico right now.  You’ve probably been following it on the news.  We used to pay about 10 pesos/kilo for limons.  They are now almost 60 pesos/kilo, if we can find them.  Revolution!

Buddhist prayer flags in old town.

Nancy can’t pass a fabric store in Mexico.  I agree.  The colors and textures and details are way, way beyond anything we can get in the states.

There are several small bridges across the river in old town.  I’ll bet they’re a mess when the drunk Americans start wandering around after dark.

The PV Costco is exactly the same as the Arlington Costco at home.  The meat is better. Also, Tillamook Black-label White Cheddar Cheese.

We ate at a great little beach bar two days in a row.  Watch for Tamarind margaritas and aguachile camarones (limon, jalepeno and pepinos pureed; with red onion, shrimp, and cucumber slices, served with chips and bread).  Great, great food.

They even flew in a girl for us.  Woo! We sent her back.  Also, a very nice lady offered to braid my hair for 250 pesos ($21 US).  Nancy said no.

We like Puerto Vallarta.  A lot.