Puerto Vallarta is a big city, which we decided to stay in the middle of.

Marina Vallarta used to be the most amazing marina anywhere, but there was some corruption and deferred maintenance, and now we can afford it. It’s under new management, and being rebuilt, and actually very nice. We stayed two nights, went shopping at Wal-Mart and Costco (walk to, taxi back), and are now fully outfitted and provisioned.

The way into the Marina is as narrow and as dramatic as it can be.

These young men and women have apparently been working extremely hard at their studies and decided to use a little of their work-study earnings to take a well-timed vacation.  Also, wooo!

These were our neighbors.  We were right behind the sport-fisher in the middle of the picture. Great restaurants and people around the marina.

No cruise ships when we came in, two the middle day, one when we came out.  Nice to see the town with different levels of cruise flooding.