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We’re anchored in Punta Mita, a tiny little town at the Northwest tip of Banderas Bay. It’s a little rough and rolly in the anchorage, but that means it’s not crowded. Not at all crowded. Not even a little bit crowded. I’m sure someone will anchor right next to us this afternoon, just to prove how not crowded it is.

We had dinner with Sonrisa in town at a little rooftop restaurant.  Bright Water is just right of center, next to the exotic bird.

Looking back towards land this morning. There’s a big-time surf spot off the point, and several beach breaks all along the beach. Bill Gates and some buddies just bought all the land between town and the ocean, but he hasn’t stopped by to discuss his plans so I don’t know if he’s happy with the purchase. We’ll probably go lay on his beach this afternoon.

Edit @ 4pm: DING DING DING!  A winner!  Bonus points for twelve year-old boys on 40mph jet skis, using the boats in the anchorage as pylons.

Shouldn’t have mentioned the whole not-crowded thing.

Edit: Saturday. Very little sense of personal space. It’s a difficult thing to watch.

Especially when it orbits around your boat. The mother ship is several hundred feet away, on the other side of Bright Water.