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Every two years, the San Diego Yacht Club hosts a yacht race from, well, San Diego to the Mexican mainland.  This year the race ends in Banderas Bay. To be more exact, the race ends at a Grand Banks trawler named ANDANTE, anchored half a mile off the stern of Bright Water.

We heard about the race yesterday afternoon, did a little web check, and found that the first finisher was expected right at dusk.

So we appointed ourselves as the official spectator fleet, loaded into the dingy, and motored on over to ANDANTE.

We spectated as they inflated this huge yellow tetrahedron,
towed it 150 yards from ANDANTE,

and anchored it to set the official finish line for the race.

The winning boat was only a few miles out, but failed to make it in before the winds died with the sun.  We stayed up and watched ORION finish after 10pm, sailing 1209 miles in 2 days, 8 hours, 33 minutes (56 hours, 33 minutes), setting a new record for the course.  The old record was held by Steve Fossett, the balloon guy.  The ORION is a 70′ full-race trimaran.  We only saw it by the light of the full moon, but it was awesome. It was making 11 kts in 5 knots of wind.  Waterworld stuff. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday we’ll move Bright Water back to La Cruz and get a look at it.

ORION is the black one. This picture is stolen off the internet.

The other crazy tri finished a few hours later.  We didn’t stay up to watch, but we might as well have, because Bright Water was wallowing in the trough of the swell.  Rolly rolly rolly.  Falling on the floor rolly.

SDYC 03182014
The rest of the race fleet, consisting of semi-normal looking full-on 60 and 70′ full-on race boats (including PYEWACKET), is facing light headwinds today and will begin to finish very early tomorrow morning. Hopefully the spectator fleet will return to the finish and pictures will be available.

These are your race officials. Very nice people. There were no Blue Blazers.