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The San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Yacht race continued through the week. As the self-appointed official spectator fleet, we had great seats.

We’d wake in the morning, get on the internet to check and see who finished overnight and if there was anyone ready to finish soon,
then we’d load in the dingy and putt-putt over to Andante to hang out for the rest of the day.

Nancy would spend the day being delightful, pressing the horn to signal a finish, and watching Regatta Manager Jeff enter the numbers and manage the regatta.

I would help Mike deliver the beer and SWAG bags to the crews as they finished.

Getting back to Andante was sometimes a little more fun than necessary.

Mike lives here in PV. He and his wife Sharon run a stunning retreat Casa Pacifica Sayulita. Please tell him we sent you.

Often there was a good breeze blowing, and the boats were able to finish strong.  These boats have just sailed 1200 miles, and are drag racing to the line.  Fantastic.

Other times the winds were frustratingly light.  Mirage ghosted in, needing over four hours of meticulous sailing to cover the last five miles and make the line.  Brutal.  That weird-looking jib is called a wind-seeker.  It’s a crazy-light tiny sail that is used to balance the wind loads against the keel lift, allowing the boat to carry the rudder straight(er) and cleaner for less drag.

In between boats, Captain Bob and I would trade boating stories and hair-care tips.  Since he had been a Vietnam-era Navy Captain and Commodore (with 11 of the 15 available campaign ribbons), and I had hair, it all evened out.

The SDYC invited us to the post-race party at the Puerto Vallarta Westin, an epic hotel on the beach in PV.  They found us seats right up front and treated us like royalty.

If this was a fairy tale, there would have been a green flash at sunset, but it was real, so the real sunset in this real setting was even better.

Awards were handed out, stories were told, and some of our pictures were projected on the back-drop.  We had a great steak and lobster meal including a tomato slice and mozzarella appetizer that was perfect. SDYC Commodore Chuck thanked Nancy and me by name from the podium for whatever it was that we did. We spent the rest of the evening talking cruising, racing and boating with rock-star racers, wonderful club members, and past, present, and future Commodores from SDYC and the Acapulco Yacht Club. Then the organizers carted us back to Bright Water safe and sound.

It is impossible for Nancy and I to adequately express how welcoming and generous the people of the San Diego Yacht Club were to us.  What a great week!