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We’re anchored in Punta de Mita on the northwest corner of Banderas Bay, staging for a run to Bahia Los Frailes on Baja starting Sunday morning.  Should be 270 miles of motor-sailing, with just enough wind to lean the boat over a little and make the ride more pleasant. Hopefully the ever-vigilant Bright Water shore crew will be able to post one or two progress reports. Our phones work, probably for the last time this spring.  Have at it.

I’m sure everyone’s heard of the landslide in Washington State.  It doesn’t affect us directly in any way, but it momentarily blocked the river than runs through our “home-town.” All is well again for Stanwood, but what a disaster for the small town of Oso.  I hope everyone takes a minute to review the hazards in their corner of the world, and create at least a shell of plan to deal with the worst. Take care of each other.

Some left-overs.

This is a frigate bird or a man-o-war.  They come in white-throat and black-throat.  Do you think they’d be offended if I told them they had “Gull-Wings?”

I was able to disrupt the vortex before they summoned the worm-hole and altered space-time.  Whew. On the other hand, I may have interrupted their sexiness.  That would be a shame.

P1030025 (2)
I’m pretty sure we decided these are cow rays.  They toodle all over the Pacific coast.  2′ wingspan, maybe.

Jax.  You should see the dice.

They use them to build breakwaters, because they lock-up better than broken basalt rocks.  Civil Engineers are great, don’t you agree? Like all things concrete in Mexico, the quality is…uneven.

Us on the MexORC Sailboat race committee boat.  Nancy needs a haircut, amIright?