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You stuck with us through the boring travel yammering, and now it’s finally going to pay off.

We’re sitting in the “cool kids” area of the La Paz anchorage.  Falcon, in the foreground, is desperately clinging to it’s mizzen mast, hoping beyond hope that some day the wind will be blowing in a direction fair to their intended destination.


If you can buy Tamarind paste, do so.  If not, buy or pick up some seed pods and simmer the seed pods (minus the shells) for 15 minutes in just enough water to keep them from drying out.  Then mash the stuff through a strainer.  Only the clean seeds and stringy bits are discarded.  We read that commercial paste will be twice as strong.

Assemble your ingredients and a 12 oz. glass.
Add one heaping teaspoon of Tamarind paste to 2 oz. plata Tequila and 1/2 tsp. salt. Try and get the paste to dissolve in the tequila.  Good luck with that.

Add the juice of one Limon Colima.  A key Lime may work.  Don’t use a lime or a lemon.  Then almost fill the glass with cold simple sugar (12 Heaping tbsp./2Qts water). Stir it a little.  The tamarind will still be clumpy in the bottom of the glass.  Move on.

Add four ice cubes, and sprinkle with red chile powder.  I recommend that you don’t stir it.  The red is kinda pretty.  Also slightly dangerous, which is a good feature for an adult beverage.

Drink in the cockpit of an astonishingly capable, yet understated boat.

In Spanish, it’s tamarino.  So now you know.

Edit: There seems to be a lot of un-needed panic ensuing over the red chile powder. Think black pepper on fried potatoes, not baking soda on a grease fire. It’s a flavoring, not a chemical weapon.