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I was walking through Marina La Paz and smiled at a family sitting on a bench outside the office, using their laptop computer to Skype. Mom and Dad and four kids running around – happy chaos. Returning to the dingy dock a few minutes later, I mumbled a quick “Buenos Tardes.”

“You’re the guy,” the dad said, “the Bright Water guy.”

Well, I was, you know, the guy.  Turns out they’d been reading this blog for a while as they bought their boat in San Diego, fixed it up, and sailed the Pacific Mexican coast.

It was a little weird talking to them, though.  They were speaking English to me, but the accents were odd.  Anyway, they were anchored near us and I invited them to stop by on the way to their boat.

Please meet the crew of Lumbaz:
Noa, Ainara, Dani, Luna, Geni, Nils Zander
Noa, Ainara, Dani, Luna, Geni, and Nils Zander.  Dani, the dad, is German.  Mom Geni is French. The family lived in Spain before buying the boat and moving here. So the kids speak German to Dad, French to Mom, Spanish to each other, and everybody speaks English to us.  Really.  Except Nils.  He and I talked about sharks and fish in Spanish. He showed great patience.

They are leaving Mexico soon to sail the South Pacific.  The three girls are very probably Mermaids. Check out their blog: lumbazander.wordpress.com, and watch this video of them swimming with a humpback whale that followed their boat until they stopped and went swimming with her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gtRgdkrYno.  Mermaids, indeed.

I asked the girls to write for the blog without help from their parents.  Here are their stories:

What I like of this trip is swimming, snorkeling, being on the beach with my family and kayaking.
What I don’t like is doing homeworks and being seasick.
The life on board is not always easy you must work with very much things and being all days with my sisters is a little bit stressful. The first weeks without my friends were difficult but now it’s normal.
I think this trip is great because you learn very much of animals, nature and the cultures of the islands.
This trip is a life experience that you will never forget.

I love living on a boat, but it is also difficult.
The whole trip started because when my parents were young, they did such a trip for 4 years and said when we will have kids we will do it again!!
And because now they do not have 1 or 2 children but 4 we do it.
What I like from this trip is the big experience. And what we do no one can imagine it. We swam with a whale for two hours. And you know I felt like I was free on the sea, like a mermaid. And after my father and I touched it I was really scared because  it was a giant thing.
And I love to swim with rays, seasnakes and sealions, sometimes they are scary but after a while being with them, you lose the fear.
The bad or difficult on board are the fights: the fights between us, to loose things through the windows, or to clean with sea water.
But the most annoying thing is school. Mama is the cook, the teacher and the mama. But when she is the teacher I don’t like it. You know after going to school and going to your house after school it is boring because you have no friends and you have your mother as a teacher.
I love writing to you. Your

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