Last time we anchored off an airport runway, the St. Maarten police came by and very politely asked us to move, quickly, as the Air France 747 would be landing in 20 minutes and they would not really be interested in circling as we (and our mast) cleared the area.

Today, we watched a Cessna 172 Skyhawk take off right after we anchored. He was way, way over the top of our mast, and at least 300 feet east, so we called it good.

But early tomorrow morning, right after the quarter moon sets but well before sunrise, we’ll pull the anchor and head ENE, making for San Carlos and the mainland. Today’s boisterous winds and sea conditions will have dissipated, and we’re anticipating a gentle broad reach right back into where we started in October. Who’s kidding who?  The motor will be running and we hope to have enough wind to fill the sails and keep the boat from rolling back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and ruining our 12 hour naps.