We’ve gotten several letters in the past few weeks from people who comment that they like the writing they find here.


If you like the writing here, you will absolutely adore this writing:


The latest Jimi & Isaac book is all about rockfish and salmon and sea otters and boat maintenance. You could almost say it’s created for a target audience. I wouldn’t recommend saying that, though.

The book is available as an actual paper book with pages and a cover, or a Kindle book that’s nothing but ideas and formatting. Either is stunningly cheap.

After reading the book, please take the time to leave a comment or a review. It is extremely important that you leave a comment or a review. In fact, if you’ve read any of the Jimi & Isaac books, please take a little time and leave a review for the book on the book’s Amazon product page. It really is important.

If anyone can put us in touch with librarians, school teachers, literary agents interested in books for boys, book clubs, corporate literacy programs, or block-buster movie producers (I’m looking at you, Coen Brothers), please drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time: