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The approach to Marina Seca Guaymas is a long dredged channel in the shallow bay.

We drove in forwards, then did the long rope push-pull shuffle to spin Bright Water. All went well.

The guys did a great, careful job of positioning and lifting the beast.

Most of the 30,000 pound load sits on one set of tires.

The prop nut and jam nut are difficult to clean while snorkeling, so the barnacles accumulated. They soon regretted their choice of location, but it was too late to move.

The rest of the hull was covered with a very thin biofilm that allowed a slightly thicker layer of algae to attach. In the last few weeks, shrimp moved into the algae. The shrimp made it less fun than usual to scrape the hull, because they would leave the loosened algae and attach to the algae loosener (usually Nancy).

The guys got the boat located and propped up, then scraped and pressure-washed. In 24 hours, Bright Water was secured and stored and stowed and cleaned and pickled, and we were on the road.

We’ve developed a possible product line. We bunch up pieces of nylon mesh (tulle), tie on strings, and stuff them into the through-hulls to keep bees from moving into the boat tanks and parts. Look for Boat Tampons at a marine store near you.

We drove home through Shiprock and the Navajo reservation.  Kinda pretty county.






We took a picture of the crap we brought home so we know to take the same crap back when we return.

We missed a huge opportunity. The lower lawn was well on it’s way to becoming the beautiful meadow we’ve always wanted. I feared blackberry intrusion, panicked, and got out the mower. We should have just gotten a goat.