The Bright Water adventure has, so far, generated over 3000 pictures that we’ve kept, which probably means that we’ve taken over 30,000. Wow. Way too many pictures to show off.
A fast internet connection and Costco to the rescue.

I picked out 150 (or so) of our favorite trip photographs and uploaded them to the Costco website, then spent about three days organizing them into groups. Each photo-spread is built as a piece, then the page spreads can be moved to create some sort of flow to the book.

The pictures ended up being organized by theme. There is very little time dimension to the book. I didn’t add any words, but it would have been easy to do.

The book is 50 pieces of paper (100 pages), the maximum allowed size. I started with a simple design theme, but pretty much ignored it. Instead I chose backgrounds, borders, and arrangements to suit the individual photographs.

The book cost us $50. Crazy cheap, in my mind. I’ll probably put two or three different books together in the future. I don’t want the pictures to go to waste.