Our friends at Galley Wench nominated us for a “Liebster Award.” It’s a blogging thing.  Basically, it’s a chain letter that asks us questions and requires us to question others.

However, it is a way to get us out of our comfort zone and it allows readers to follow the links back and find other blogs that may interest you.

Here are our questions and answers:

  1. What do you tell those fascinated horrified folks who naively ask, “What’s cruising like?”
    It’s how we imagine the wagon trains were. You have like-minded adventurers with different skills and outlooks, traveling on semi-documented, semi-overlapping paths, trying to find…something… without becoming dead. Gossip is the most common form of communication. Friendships and alliances form quickly and dissolve just as quickly. Strangers are feared and welcomed simultaneously.
  2. Describe your most magical cruising moment. 
    “Most?”  I reject the question. Once we get on the boat, pay attention, and quiet ourselves, magic happens, constantly.
  3. What keeps you awake at night?
    Strange lights and unanticipated darkness. Noises and quiet periods. Forebodings and preternatural calmness.  We’re up and looking around at least once per night. Sleeping through the night is uncommon.
  4. What do you absolutely positively know you’re doing that’s totally and completely stupid, but….
    (While we were on the boat) Not seeing our family, making money, and participating in society.
    (While we’re not on the boat) Not being on the boat.
  5. What movie(s) or book(s) should every cruiser watch or read?
    Swiss Family Robinson. (Not Captain Ron.)  Mermaid: Our Family in Paradise and Mermaid: Our Family in Paradise.
  6. What’s your best tip(s) for kissing and making up?
    Living on a boat and sailing on the ocean are hard. Things will go wrong, there will be legitimate differences of opinion. So try not to fight, but if you have to fight, have the fight you need to have and get past it.
  7. Do you have tan lines?
    Tan lines are sad and avoidable.
  8. If you could be king (or queen) for the day, what would you use your power to change? (Which may overlap the answer to question #9)
    People should spend more time considering how they can serve society and less time considering how society can benefit them, and no time at all considering how they could steal from another to buy their own happiness or status. Respect for property rights is the basis for civil society and prosperity.
  9. Who should never, ever consider cruising?
    If you aren’t sure you want to go, don’t go. You have to willingly, actively, constantly want to be there for it to work.
  10. What’s surprised you most?
    How busy we are. There’s almost no downtime.
  11. What’s next?
    Real life, for a while. Then go back.

So now it’s our turn to burden someone else with this awesome responsibility. We’re supposed to do five, but we don’t know that many. So we nominate SonrisaPuraVida and Lumbaz. They are completely excused if they don’t want to engage. If anyone else wants to play, please consider yourself nominated, let me know, and I’ll edit this page to get everything all in alignment.

Here are our questions:

  1. What do you tell those fascinated horrified folks who naively ask, “What’s cruising like?”
  2. Sailing vs. Motoring: Percentage of time and quality of passage.
  3. How do you check the weather forecast? How often?
  4. What vestige(s) of land life do your retain on the boat that you wish you could let go?
  5. What part of land life (other than family/friends) do you miss the most on the boat?
  6. Are you more often terrified or more often wildly happy?
  7. Do you worry about skin cancer? What do you do about it?
  8. Is your diet completely different on land vs. on the boat?
  9. Do you actively exercise on the boat?
  10. How often do you eat fish and other food from the sea?
  11. Do you consider yourself normal?