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Kirkus is an important professional book reviewing company. Kirkus reviews books, then purchasing agents and librarians and bookish matrons read the reviews to inform their book-related behavior.

Kirkus will publish a review of any old thing, but if they like the book, they award it a “Star” and nominate the book for their yearly “Kirkus Prize.” Less than 8% of the traditionally published books, and less than 2% of the independently published books that they review are awarded the Kirkus Star. It’s not nothin’.

For instance:

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“Highly recommended for both its quality of writing and its superb handling of difficult subject matter.”

Rink (Jimi & Isaac 4a: Solar Powered, 2011, etc.) paints a visceral, moving portrait of a young boy whose life is thrown into chaos when his father unexpectedly falls from the roof and receives a potentially life-threatening head injury.

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