The People’s Republic of Seattle hates cars. It’s not subtle. For instance, they build 40-room dormitories in residential neighborhoods without parking spaces. They build choo-choo twains without Park & Ride lots at the stations.

Their latest development is an electronic-concertina-wire gauntlet on I-405, the only road out of town. Flashing strobes, weirdly painted carpool lanes, changing electronic signs – all completely impossible to decipher at 65 mph in the dark. We did our best, but we may get arrested when we return. Hard to say.

We crested the pass right at sunrise and had a beautiful drive through the Palouse as the sun came up, listening to unfamiliar radio stations. NPR says new money is flowing like water to the presidential candidate that wants revolution to establish a National Socialism, following the Nordic model. We need to thwart the dastardly bankers or something.  That should turn out well.

Our annual Fall attempt to find new doctors and a new medical insurance plan is going faster this year, since there’s fewer choices all around. Soon it will be very, very simple. Might be difficult actually getting medical care, though.

On the good side, you can drive 80 in Idaho. 80. Whoa.

Also, our society has become enough of a freak show that Berkeley Breathed forced himself out of retirement and Bloom County is back. Free on Facebook and other parts of the innertubes, I’m sure. Opus and Bill are running for President, and they’ve identified their wedgie issue.

Also, this: