“C’mere, Philip. Lemme show you something. You can water ski next. Mother got her hair wet, and she’ll need a minute.

We’re gonna take this boat to the Gulf, see? Everything is big down there. It’s the ocean. The waves are big and the water goes on as far as you can see.

We’ll be fishing for tuna, see, so we got these rods. This ain’t no cane pole, now. Feel that fishing line. Too stiff for perch. You’d never catch a thing. See how big that reel is? The tuna are strong. They’ll peel that line clean off in one shot.

Mother’s almost ready and then you can ski, but let me show you this last thing. The tuna are so big and fast that they couldn’t put a normal tip on the rod like a bass rod. They had to put a pulley on the end. Cause them tuna is strong.”