This is the door to the basement. The basement is a void space on the tank deck.


It’s where we store paper products, motor oil, and booze. When I was loading the beer into the beer storage milk crate, one got loose and rolled away. I heard the “thunk” and knew it was gone forever.

Soon, though, I learned differently. Something was rolling, you see, when the boat rocked. It made a noise.


So we emptied out the basement, to make room for the poor slob that needed to retrieve the beer.


Looking back to starboard past the vessel centerline, we can clearly see the aluminum mast step (painted green) and the complex wiring and plumbing we installed during the rebuild so many years (3) ago. The shiny aluminum thing in the background is the starboard fuel tank. On the left side of the opening, just past the vertical grain fir upright floor framing, we can see the access hole that ate the beer can.


I had to pre-position near the outer hull to get through to the starboard hull.


Like Houdini, I was then able to dislocate my left shoulder and collapse my rib cage to fit through the confined space.


And there it was. Also, notice how clean the bilge is. We cut these access holes while we had the boat apart so we could clean the bilges. Look what a great job we did. Wow, those are clean bilges.


The beer came out much easier than I did.


No, we didn’t close the hole off. This will happen again. We’ve been dragging the hole-closing-off materials for three years. I threw it all away before we left Guaymas this year.

Also, you guessed it: The noise is still there. We don’t know what’s rolling around. But we’ll find it. Noises are annoying.