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Big trouble with Iridium Direct. I have spent several hours running the install on Win10, but nothing works, including running in Win7 compatability. Every time I get to where I install the modem I get a blue screen WDF_COMPATABILITY error. My phone is unusable to get weather or send email. I have 3g (or less) internet for a few days. Please send a fix. I couldn’t find anything on the Iridium site, although I downloaded what I think is the latest installer package. Thanks,  Phil Rink

Hello Phil, I have not seen any way to make Windows 10 work with Iridium Direct Internet. Most software and devices are moving towards using WiFi or the Redport Optimizer for data. BlueCosmo Satellite Communications

Seems like that would have been a good thing to tell me before I bought the airtime and before I left for Mexico.”

Hi Phil, Had you spoken to someone in the shop about using an Iridium handset with Windows 10? We have been recommending the WiFi routers and different software since the end of 2014 when Iridium ended production of the Iridium Axcesspoint. BlueCosmo Satellite Communications

I was clear that I wanted to use my existing phone to do messaging and get gribs. It would have been a trivial issue to bring a Win7 computer.”


Pretty frustrating. I wonder if Win10 killed the AIS unit, also.