So, Nancy and I were just about in full whine mode about some failed electronics and sealants and to-do lists and hassles when we met Staci on the beach in San Juanico. Staci is a graduate student at UNM studying for her MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) at the environmental art college. Something to do with landscape architecture, roughly, I think.

Anyway, she needed a dissertation. So, like many art students, she built this boat (stich-and-glue) and rowed it down the Sea of Cortez. Happens all the time.


Well, never. I doubt this has ever happened before. Baja is big, big water. There is no boat too big for Baja. Many boats are too small.

We caught up with Staci a few days later in Loreto after she put her boat on the top of her truck for the trip home. She had lots of film (!) to develop once she got back, from pinhole cameras (like the double-sided one between her hands in the picture below) and underwater cameras, and a log book, and some digital pics and whatchacall your moving pictures. Hopefully she’ll put her dissertation online and hopefully we’ll find out about it and pass the information on, but if you’re in Abq while it’s on display I hope you’ll take the chance to go talk to Staci.


I’ll bet her art is amazing.

Edit: And Here It Is!!! http://www.stacipage-artsite.com/provisionrevision/