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The wind here in the anchorage was blowing 25-35, with gusts to infinity. This is a knot meter, by the way. Knots are what mph’s want to be when they grow up.


So we scheduled a craft day. Did a little sewing…


…stitched up some winch covers from Sunbrella UV-stabilized acrylic fabric, using our solar-powered sewing machine. Hopefully these will keep some of the ultra-violent Sonoran dirt out of the fancy-schmancy winch gears. Plus they look all yachty. Better than old T-shirts and hardware-store rope.


The covers tie to the top of the winch,


…and then you pull the skirt down over the winch. The stiffness of the fabric keeps the sides in place. We made eight covers this morning.


With a SailRite sewing machine like ours, a bent or damaged needle is the #1 cause of skipped stitches. We cleaned out the machine case and found several years worth of skipped stitches. You should see all the other broken stuff. Wicked awesome. Combat sewing.

The machine is still going, though. Cool. The anchor is still holding, too. Also cool.