We’re back in the Pacific Northwest. The wood stove is lit and unpacking is underway.

In Mexico, we used about 70 gallons of fuel to cover approximately 500 miles for an average speed of six or seven knots. We sometimes had wind to assist our progress. Of course, sometimes we had wind in opposition. We ended the trip with approximately 1070 hours on the motor.

On the drive to and from Mexico, we used somewhere around 180 gallons of fuel to travel about 4000 miles. We ended the trip with just over 250,000 miles on our Mercury Sable Wagon.


If you figure 50 mph average lifetime speed, that’s about 5000 hours on the motor. Well past it’s “Best Used By” date, but we’re happy with the car. The Perkins-Sabre in Bright Water should last more than twice as long.

In Mexico, we spent significant time and resources tracking the weather, and were never surprised. Despite spending hours on the internet, 0n the trip home we were surprised several times by small snowstorms and freezing fog. Dropping into Idaho was particularly…special.


The sign says “Less Than 500 Feet Visibility.” The small sign just past it says “80 MPH.”


That’s what flashers are for. Oddly enough, the other drivers were as terrified…um, cautious, as we were. Nobody passed us in the fog. Everyone stayed way away from everyone else.