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Nancy got a text today from Jeff, the Regatta Manager for the San Diego Yacht Club. The bi-annual race from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta is underway.

And we won’t be there for the finish.


This hurts more than we expected. Follow the race at http://www.pvrace.com. Currently Mighty Merloe (the multihull) is just off Ensenada doing 25 kts,


while the smaller/slower group that left a day earlier is already just off Cedros Island doing 13.8 kts.

It’s going to be a fast year.

If anybody from Grand Illusion sees this, Nancy still wants a T-Shirt.


Insult to injury? Sure. A race sponsor this year is El Jimador, the official tequila of Bright Water. And here we sit.


I hope the boats get their SWAG without my help, but I hope they miss us, just a little.