The year before we bought Bright Water, we took TIDEPOOL to Desolation Sound for a month. We had such a great trip that we decided to up the commitment and buy Bright Water. One of the reasons that we had such a great trip is we met two amazing Canadian couples who are now our friends.


Doug and Sue, Blair and Emily, She and Me. Five years ago.

Doug and Blair both had bodacious pony tails, so I got a lot of good hair care tips from them. Both have since cut them off.

But I digress. This last weekend we took TIDEPOOL up to the Gulf Islands (in Canada, eh) and Blair and Emily hosted us for a night. We were having a great dinner and some wine when Emily got a phone call. Seems her daughter and Son-in-law had won a Juno award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year.

A Juno is like the Canadian Nobel Prize. It’s an amazing award. We knew Emily’s daughter and SIL made bespoke banjos and they played some. We had no idea that they were a big deal.

But they are. A big deal. Emily let me play her Ukulele Banjo that her kids had made for her, and it was an amazing instrument. The same size and tuning as a ukulele (My Dog Has Fleas), but it’s a banjo, so the sound is unique and very loud. It would be a perfect boat instrument. Emily plays hers without finger picks and it’s delightful.

Anyway, Here are Pharis and Jason Romero: Makers of Fine Bespoke Banjos and Players of Authentic Modern Old-Time music: pharisandjason.com. Have a look around the website, and be sure to watch a few of their videos. They are extremely well done. Music Sample. Banjos.