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We went sailing in the Caribbean just after the turn of the century and made a movie about it: Mermaid, Our Family in Paradise.

First, we sold DVDs on Amazon that we made. Then, Amazon came out with their own DVD service through CreateSpace, so we sold DVDs they made. Then, Amazon started its own VOD (Video on Demand) internet video streaming service, so we sold and rented the video that way.

Amazon decided that this was too easy, so they created a new business enterprise just to stream videos to smart phones and brain implants. Anything to keep the kids from talking to each other.

Apparently our old video doesn’t fit the new standards, so out the door we went. Plus, we would have had to add subtitles, because accommodation.

We’ve done what we can with what we have by changing where we are, and now the video is FREE! on YouTube. Google wins again. Don’t use ad blockers – Grandpa needs a new pair of reading glasses.

Please buy several copies of the accompanying book to give to your descendants and other potentially interested parties: https://www.amazon.com/Mermaid-Family-Paradise-Philip-Rink/dp/0972790616?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc

Sure, it’s an old movie but now it’s in a new format. Don’t quibble.