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We just got an email from Gabriel at Marina Seca Guaymas to let us know that Bright Water made it through the storm intact, which is great news. They’ll be going on board each boat today and tomorrow so they can look for detailed damage (flying debris, etc.) and report back. We’re hoping for the best.

Hopefully these graphics work. They are moving/changing pictures of the evolving understanding of the storm. It formed close-in and moved straight up the Baja Peninsula as a fairly light but wet category one hurricane. We’ll get better damage reports once the power is widely restored, but this wasn’t the widespread devastation of Odile. They’re already putting the pangas back into the fishing harbor at Loreto. All great news.

Once Newton left Baja at Santa Rosalia and entered the Sea of Cortez, we started to relax. The winds were way down and the path had moved north, well away from San Carlos and Guaymas. Unfortunately, the storm picked up energy over the warm waters of the sea, and by the time it reached the mainland it was almost a Category 2. The rotating winds pinched against the mainland and accelerated.

Winds in town were reported at 90-100 knots, which is bad. Apparently a poorly-tied boat at the marina broke loose and wiped out his neighbors, and a row of about thirty thirteen boats in Marina Seca San Carlos tipped over like dominoes. There was a lot of property damage in both Guaymas and San Carlos.


This is the predicted track for the storm. Hopefully WordPress shows the animation. If not, check here: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/archive/2016/graphics/ep15/loop_5W.shtml

You can see the track evolve.


This is the actual wind strength as the storm moved. If the picture isn’t moving, try this link: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/archive/2016/graphics/ep15/loop_S.shtml