The stars aligned, suddenly, so we loaded up the car and left. A sixteen, a twelve, and a seven-hour day later, here we are. The 1999 Sable Wagon is still running strong, although it used a little oil. 280K, so we’ll deal with it.

As before, lots of rain on the way out of Washington, but we left early so the traffic was light through the I405 death and taxes corridor and we escaped undead. The pounding rain helped drown out our screams from hearing that had just changed the default city speed limit to 25 mph. They had a crazy stated reason, but even the standard “we just hate cars and drivers that much” reason is difficult to stomach. I suspect that they will repurpose the few remaining police officers in town to traffic cops and get fat feeding off cars that don’t, in fact, maintain 25 mph. They can use the ill-gotten gains to pay for their choo-choo twains and mud tunnels. Washington State, by the way, is pretending to pay a $100K/day fine to the State Supreme Court for continuously underfunding education. Seems they don’t have the money.

They (we?) stopped pretending that the wind farms in the pass matter. As usual, none of the pinwheels were turning. Usually, though, they spin two or three near the freeway just to make people feel better about all the money they’ve spent. Not for us. Maybe it was just too early in the day.

Once we cleared the mountains the sun came out and we were in the radio desert populated only by NPR and other money churches. Apparently the candidate that always says stupid stuff said some more stupid stuff ten years ago, and the candidate that ignores the law, congress, the FBI, and subpoenas ignored the law, congress, the FBI, and subpoenas and had help from the White House covering it all up. Also, her husband does the stupid stuff the other candidate talks about. So naturally NPR spent the entire weekend talking about the stupid stuff guy and also his bad hair.

NPR also asked me to tell you that the refugee crisis piping people into Europe from Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. is due to global warming. Hurricane Matthew – the first hurricane in seven or eight years to hit the continental US? Global Warming! There you go.

We diverted through Kanab, UT, to visit the Waterman Welding Shrine just south of the airport.


This is where Dean Waterman built La Cumbre and started the most epic gentleman-yacht-builder-captain story in the history of everything.

After a very quick stop in AZ to visit Ann and Mom and David, we hit the Mexican border early Sunday (yesterday) and got to the boat just as the temperature peaked at about 100. So now we alternate between working hard to get the boat in the water and working hard to get fluids inside us.

Bright Water is well with no hurricane damage. There’s some boat parts piled nearby from a boat that sunk at Marina Fonatur, but all the boats here seem fine. Hopefully we’ll provision tomorrow (Tuesday) and launch soon after.

Good internet for the time being. Remember: it’s an integral part of democracy and a republic to have to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils (no matter how less their evil is), but lying to support that decision is not approved behavior.

Take care of each other.