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We left Guaymas/San Carlos and headed north, looking for empty anchorages and warm water. Unfortunately, the warm water is long gone, but light winds meant we could visit anchorages not available in the winter.

Isla Partida is a tiny island in the north sea, with a small harbor open to the north. The island has very little plant life, and the surface is hard rock and caliche (or something). There were also areas where everything was pumice. Interesting to walk on.


But it’s pretty. Wow. It’s really pretty.


Many of the southern-facing beaches that we’ve visited have been cleaned off and shortened up by what must have been crazy-big waves during Hurricane Newton. All the small gravel, sand, and beach-combing treasures are gone. Only big round rocks remain.


There was a small whale skeleton on the beach inside the bay. We’re pretty sure this is the jawbone of a baleen whale.


The charts for the Sea of Cortez are a disaster, and we rely on guidebooks and our captured (KAP) Google Earth photographs we built in to our OpenCPN system. However, there are still discoveries to be made. We dingy’ed right over this surprise reef while fishing, and were really surprised to later see the end of it drying at low tide. The yellow track was our path into the bay. We just missed the rocks.

I also got bit by a death-eater fish. Broke the skin and everything, but it’s healing nicely. Thanks for asking.