Back when we were first married, we would launch our crappy old boat at Everett, WA, load the kids, and head north for the San Juan Islands.

Just past Camano Island State park, we’d pass a house on the beach that seemed to be the perfect house in the perfect spot in the perfect part of the world.

Tucked back away from the beach, the low sprawling house with the cedar shake roof blended into the surrounding trees, while the low overgrown shrubbery and huge overhangs on the water side created privacy for the south-west facing windows.

Years later, we built a great house just down the street from our inspiration. Nancy and Jean soon became great friends, finding they had lots in common besides house location and design preferences.

As she got older, Jean fought hard to maintain her independence and privacy. Family and neighbors were more than happy to support her with that fight.

Jean passed away last week. The world lost a great woman, but she continues with her magnificent family and in the friendships she cultivated and maintained during her long and beautiful life.

We miss you, Jean.